How the Creative Juicy Life Begins


Today is my last day of Summer break. Tomorrow I officially go back to work. No kiddos till Monday….just meetings, paperwork, lesson plans, seating charts, and scrambling around to make my room a creative oasis once again. Starting school always feels like New Years. They even hand out sparkling white grape juice in champagne glasses and silly noise makers to the teachers when we return for that first 8 AM meeting!

A fresh start. A new beginning.

I’ve spent a lot of time this past week reflecting on my Summer. I’ve thought about all the growing I have done…the burst of creativity, the courage I found within myself, and the energy that I have created by being true to my heart. This has been the Summer where I began my journey into living a Creative Juicy Life. Sure, life before this was not bad. But, by declaring with great confidence that I NOW live a Creative Juicy Life, I have firmly made the decision to be more aware of what my life means–more aware of how I navigate through the world–more aware of what I am creating.

I’ll be honest, it’s pretty easy to live a Creative Juicy Life when you have ten weeks of Summer break. The real challenge lies ahead of me…when I walk into a situation that a big part of me is apprehensive about. Here is where I will learn what a Creative Juicy Life really is, when it is put to test by an environment that is not always Creative Juicy!

I’m writing this today to tell the Universe two things. One, this will be my last year teaching Art in this type of setting. Two, I plan to use this whole year as an opportunity to define what a Creative Juicy Life really is. My blog here, and the community I am creating in my Dirty Footprints Studio VIP Room, will accompany me on this journey…keeping track of my thoughts and reflections. I am doing this, yes, first and foremost for myself. It is time that I move onto what my heart has been truly calling me to do for awhile. But I am also doing this for you. For those of you that want to walk the journey of your own Creative Juicy Life..but need the courage and inspiration to begin.

I have put some great thought into six necessary ingredients that are essential to begin the journey into living a Creative Juicy Life fully. They are

  1. Having a clear vision of what a Creative Juicy Life looks and feels like to you.
  1. Creating and implementing a Self Care plan.
  1. Making bold moves every day.
  1. Safeguarding your Creativity.
  1. Being part of a Creative Juicy community.
  1. Affirmations, celebrations, and reflections.

For the next six days I will take one of each of these ingredients and explain what it means to me. I am not a life coach, or experienced in teaching others how to live their life productively and successfully. I’m just a chica that loves to paint, wants to spread creativity and art throughout the world, and be happy living one day with her honey in Costa Rica. This is my idea of living the good life…I call it the Creative Juicy Life…and I’m happy to share it with day and one step at a time.

Peace & Love.

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