Capturing A Soul

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I’m really on a photo kick!! Have you noticed?

I love photos of rock stars and celebrities. Not the TMZ–wait outside the LA airport–paparazzi kind. No, no, no! That’s way too intrusive and wrong. I’m talking the ones that are more glamorous–that show the stars in their ever so cute outfits, looking their prettiest, having a certain kind of care-free fun that only a multitude of money and fame could deliver. Basically, total eye candy of the photography world: parties–glitz–beautiful bodies–and lavish settings. The kind of photos where the photographer respects the person in their lens not exploits them to the highest bidder. That’s the kind of celebrity/ rock star photography I fall for…and usually, this kind of stuff is only published in slick, hardcover books, that I can never afford! But I love it just the same.

The video above is on the photographer Roxanne Lowit…she’s made a career of shooting movie stars, models, and celebrities. For her…she says photography is “capturing a soul”.

Capturing a soul.

I love that.

I’m picking up my camera again. This time…I’m going on a mission….to capture a soul or two!!! Wanna join me?

Peace & Love.

Andrea from the blog Some Silken Moment was inspired by my post Make Art! that she too altered her digital photos…and then created a simple, fun collage. Go check it out HERE.

Also check out what Jennifer Hugon did as well on her blog Jennifer Hayes Art HERE. You just might start to see fairies!!

Such Creative Juicy chicas!

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