Make Art!


I am not a photographer. Far from it.

But I do enjoy taking photos.

More than actually taking the photos,

I love to alter them in the photo edit.

I love to crop the photo into more interesting compositions.

I love to play with color.

I guess I enjoy photography when I treat it more like painting.

So this got me thinking…about creativity, inspiration, and most especially: color.

Choose a color–any color, one that best represents you, or your mood.

Choose a group of digital photos that work good together, maybe they even hint at a story.

Now start to play in the photo edit–don’t be afraid to get plastic or acidic with your colors.

Burst them with color, or fade them to a whisper.

Saturate and soak them in your heart’s favorite hue!

Turn them to black and white and get moody with the contrast.

Be brave.

Take risks.

Have fun.

Be expressive.

Make Art!

It’s all good!

Peace & Love.

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