Begin From Here


We spend a lot of time climbing the mountain.

A lot of time making life harder then it needs to be.

It’s time to simplify. Time to be ok with not doing everything, but holding the things we do do closer to our heart.

I want what I do to be of quality…even if it means I do less then what my crazy mind expects of me. Even if it means I take longer to get where my heart is longing to be. Even if it means accepting my current circumstances and giving it the attention it needs instead of brushing over it as something that burdens me.

While I was gone I took time to sit on the couch and do nothing.

Time to roam aimlessly on my bike.

Time to watch sunsets on top of mountains with my honey.

Time to sip tea in the quiet of the morning instead of penetrating its peace with tweets and short and sweet FB updates.

I only have this life…Creative Juicy it sometimes may be…but I’m not going to let any moment slip me by anymore by planning, worrying, or over thinking what I want my tomorrow to be.

NOW it’s time to make a few shifts, a few changes, welcome new perspective, and leave old habits behind.

This is a new beginning, Lovelies, to my Creative Juicy Life.

Peace & Love.

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