A Change of Plans


In October I flew to New Hampshire to see a dear friend of mine get married. He is someone who will always be in my life, even though we live thousands of miles away–and hadn’t seen each other in years. I sat on that wooden pier, snuggled in a winter jacket, watching as my friend committed his heart to a wonderful woman.

We find love in our lives, and then there’s a change of plans. Isn’t that how it always go? We will follow our heart….we will do what ever it takes…for love.

For that feeling of wholeness, of joy, we will let go of our plans and adopt a new, uncertain one, and maybe gussy it up as destiny.

I was suppose to fly back to AZ on that Sunday. But there was snow, and there were delays, and missed flights.

But I didn’t fight it. I didn’t get upset, or struggle, or start to bitch and scream like some folks did.

It’s just a change of plans.

Instead, when the lady at the customer service desk told me that the next flight to Phoenix was the following day at 11:30 am, and I would be spending the next 15 hours in an airport terminal, I kindly asked if it was possible to fly me that night to Cleveland so I could sleep in a bed at my Mom’s house.

Things worked out.

It was just a change of plans.

Each flight I took–which were a few more then expected, I sat next to someone who I ended up having an amazing, heartfelt conversation with. I got to go to Cleveland– have dinner with my Mom (at my favorite restaurant: Johnny Mangos!) and stand under a tree as the golden, sienna Autumn leaves showered around me. I got to hug my best friend and sip a chai sitting in my all-time favorite coffee shop.

Because I looked at everything simply as a change of plans and didn’t hold tight to what should have been, the Universe delivered me a delightful experience—and exactly what my soul needed.

Lately I’ve been trying to practice the art of letting go again. Imitating the person I am when I travel (oh, how I love so much to travel!!!)….and I’m finding that the dreams I once had, have led me to a new destination. A new landscape. A new change of plans.

I’m so excited to start sharing these new plans with you come the month of December. Hold on tight Lovelies—things are really going to start getting Creative Juicy!

Peace & Love.

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