Practice Intuition


I took this photo of Hansel recently as we hiked up one of the mountains near where we live. I love it. I love him. I love the sunsets and beautiful sunrises in this beautiful state. I love that it is here I am fully becoming one with my intuition, one with my source, one with my truth.

I have something I really want to share, but honestly, I don’t know how. I keep writing and deleting. Writing and deleting. Nothing is seeming to gel.

So instead of forcing it I decided to walk over to my book shelf, grab the first book I see, and randomly open it to a page–looking for inspiration. Here is what I read, and it is absolutely perfect! perfect! perfect!

Practice trusting your intuition or “that feeling” inside yourself. That very intuitive process is your higher consciousness in action, and if you ignore it, you are reverting to responding out of habit and to what you have been told for a lifetime. If you feel it within, and know this is the way to go, remember, this is the same process as if you wait it out, analyze it to death, and then go with the most logical choice.

An intuitive inner feeling is a thought. It is divine. It is you and you are it. Trust it–it is your basic human/divine early-alert system working. If you are afraid of it, or you want to hear from someone else first, then you are actually inhibiting that system from functioning, and you are teaching yourself to ignore it. Before long, out of disuse and mistrust, that early-alert system of thought or intuition will stop kicking in, and you will be responding to life according the wishes and demands of others.

–From the book You’ll See It When You Believe It by Wayne W. Dyer

As much as it was no accident I came to this page…it is no accident you were here to read it as well.

Peace & Love.

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