To Be More


There I am on August 4,


When I decided to declare HERE on Dirty Footprints Studio that this was the official beginning of my Creative Juicy Life. Go take a glance at how I declare with great confidence that this would be my last year teaching at my school and that I would be using this year to define what a Creative Juicy Life looks, feels, and unfolds like for me.

Here I am now a little over three months into my Creative Juicy Life adventure. I’m sitting at my desk in my beloved Studio 307 at school. My hair’s a little longer, my skin is a little less tan. I still got that strange head tilt thing going on when I take a photo….and well, I feel different. Real different.

Lots can happen in three months.

Lots can happen in three minutes–especially when you teach in a nutty elementary/middle school!

When I started out, I thought the answer was to work harder, push harder, make things happen. Get somewhere–do something–be something BIGGER, MORE CREATIVE, MORE JUICY!!! But something switched…something came to me, and I found a new direction.

That’s where I’m at now.

I’ve stopped working harder. Stopped pushing. Stopped trying to make things happen.

I’ve started to watch how things naturally come to me when I relax into what is.

I’ve started to watch and learn from how children hug. They never do it subtle, but rather approach with arms wide open, and nestle into the softness of who you are, and stay there as long as they can–until you let go.

I’ve started to hug my life like a child. Stretching my arms wide open as I rise each morning. Rubbing my nose deep into the sweetness of my day. Savoring the moments until time tells me to let go.

My Creative Juicy Life is changing. It is becoming something I never anticipated it would. I’m finding things are more Creative, more Juicy when they are more simple.

Peace & Love.


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