Begin As You Would Like To Continue


This is how I begin each day. Doggie kisses from Nyla–

And preparing ingredients for either a fresh smoothie or some fresh juice!

I have other morning rituals as well…but for those, I sometimes slack on them…these two rituals are constant in my life: doggie kisses and fruit drinks!

The wonderful Jamie Ridler told me awhile back to begin as you would like to continue.

Let me repeat that one more time:


When we were talking it was in reference to beginning a business…but since she shared that nugget of advice with me, I have learned how potent these words are in every area of my Creative Juicy Life.

I wake up early, just so I can have time to walk my dog, make breakfast, and do Yoga before I have to get started with the business of my day. I don’t like to wake up and rush around like a crazy chica…but I will admit, there are days that happens…and those days do continue as I began.

So, in terms of business especially–this is HUGE. Many of us are venturing out into launching our dreams and these words of wisdom should not be taken lightly–but possibly even tattooed to a limb!!

I’m the kind of chica that can throw myself so far into one of my projects that I start to drown and what was intended to be fun starts to grow stressful and frustrating. I learned over the past few months, with the guidance and help of Jennifer Moore from Pink Heels, that this is not the way I want to begin or continue Dirty Footprints Studio.

Sure, I have a full time job that demands much of my time and energy, but that is no reason to make my other Creative Juicy pursuits become sources of stress and anxiety. Because honestly, when then do you draw the line? If you go into something freaking out all the time, when do you say to yourself, “Ok, now I’ve accomplished this…or now I’ve reached this point–so stress begone!

Doesn’t work that way.

So one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned about starting a business as well as about approaching life is to begin as I would like to continue. If I want to have a peaceful, mindful day–then I need to begin my day that way. If I want to have a low stress, fun, and passion-filled life’s work–then I need to focus on keeping that feeling at the beginning–right here, right now. No excuses. Doing this might mean sometimes sacrificing certain things–like reaching your goals in speedy time or not being able to do everything you would like at once.

The question is…are you building a business or a Creative Juicy Life that happens to include a Creative Juicy business!?!?! There’s quite a big difference!

Peace & Love.

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