Little Lovelies


Little Lovely SOPHIE

Ever since Summer I’ve been working on these paintings I affectionately call my Little Lovelies!

Little Lovely PAULA

Each painting is 10″x 8″ acrylic paint on gallery wrapped canvas.

Little Lovely JANE

Each has a name of their own and a story to tell that is written on their Etsy page. Plus, the best part, is they are ready and excited to continue their Creative Juicy Life with you.

Little Lovely BETH

Little Lovely GRETTA

Click on any of the paintings and you will be taken to their home page in the Dirty Footprints Studio Etsy Shop.

Little Lovely FLO

Little Lovely MADDIE

And HEY–did I mention FREE shipping to everyone in the continental USA and Canada for the whole month of December in celebration of LAUNCHING A DREAM!!!!!

Little Lovely EMILY

Little Lovely PENELOPE

Peace & Love.

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