Think About It…


Think about it…

We love,

we laugh,

we cry at sad movies (at least I do–and funny, romantic one’s too!),

we get paper cuts,

we hurt,

our hearts break,

our dreams grow, and sometimes fade away,

we love people that love us back,

we love people that never understand us, but we love them all the same,

we love people that make us laugh uncontrollably,

we love people that leave us,

that never love us the way we wish,

that die too soon, too suddenly, too unfairly,

we have moments of great bliss,

and equal moments of horrible despair,

we lie,

we joke,

we paint, play cards, take long walks, and power naps when we can,

we have pets that adore us,

we marry and have children, or vice versa,

and we blast music while cleaning the house,

we move from one place to another,

we owe someone money,

we have moments that time feels endless,

and moments where we wonder where time went,

we pay insurance, carry cell phones, and wear socks with holes in the toe cause we’re too lazy to find another pair,

we read magazines, lick envelopes, and smell the milk before drinking,

we go to the zoo in the summer,

we love the sound of rain on the roof at night,

we find reasons for why we are here,

we chase these parts of our hearts we label as dreams,

we tell our friends they are special,

we believe, we believe, we believe,

and at night, if all is well, we sleep and dream.

We do alot…we feel alot..we are multi-layered, and complicated….

Be kind to yourself.

Be kind.

Be kind.

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