A Need For Discipline

What ever happen to WoYoPracMo? Connie, where the heck did that practice go? Did it escape out the window and build a tent on one of those massive rain clouds that’s been hanging around the desert lately? Where did it go? What happened to your promise to your practice? To yourself? Your heart? Your spirit? Your beautiful, beautiful soul?
My dear friends, and those that care, keep reminding me to be gentle with myself…take things easy they say.
Truth be told…that’s the freaking problem. I’ve been way to easy and soft with myself. Gentle has turned into down right pathetically mushy—like a rotten peach kind of mushy.
Discipline is a necessary vitamin to happiness. Commitment is a great factor in staying sane. All the Yogis who have lives of seamless bliss will confirm that.
Once I allowed myself to be soft..gentle…lazy…for too long, made excuses to sleep-in too many times, permitted myself to indulge in another millionth hour of tv watching….the dark clouds of my mind began to roll on in.
Just like a young child will lash out and become unruly if there are not specific boundaries and criteria defined for them to abide by….my mind is the same way.
Yoga is the one sure thing I can hold onto. The one sure thing I can depend on. A regular practice, where I show up–no matter what, changes me. It nourishes me. It cradles me unlike my couch ever could. Even if I sit in child’s pose for twenty minutes straight. I show up. I make the commitment to myself.
I need to stay disciplined–and train that pesky brain of mine to stay on course of this Creative Juicy Life.
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