Dream Exploration


What dream do I wish to explore?

My dreams are shifting. Seriously shifting. Only natural, I guess, that they would reflect the huge shifts that are occurring in my life.

Before, I might have looked as these shifts as the Universe telling me I no longer belong here, that things don’t quite fit, or that it was time to change. But those are things I tell myself to keep myself safe. Comfortable. In control. I think before I bail, I should settle into them for awhile–and learn what secrets they have to share.

So, in this moment, when my dreams are starting to fade and some metamorphosis into something else…there are other dreams that are surprisingly rising to the surface. These little lotus petals that have been waiting, brewing, marinating for years.

I wish to explore these baby new dreams that my Creative Juicy life is conceiving.

I wish to rinse the muck of my insecurities and fear off of them, and polish them with TRUST.

I wish to listen to these new ideas that my intuition are whispering…

to invite into my life the things that make me nervous…

to decipher the hieroglyphics I’ve discovered scribbled on my heart.

Peace & Love.

What dream do you wish to explore? Join Jamie Ridler and many other Lovelies in Wishcasting Wednesday.

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