My Golden Girl

This is what Nyla does when we are not home! She loves to move the pillows around into a little, personal nest. She’s so dang cute that I don’t care!!!
When I was living in Cleveland I lived one block away from the Animal Protective League. Almost every weekend I would walk there and pet the dear animals that were patiently waiting to be adopted. I already had two lovable kitties that I saved from there and desperately wanted a dog. But never being a dog owner before, I waited a few years until the right dog spoke to me one day. I wasn’t even really looking—I just went in for my weekly lovefest, and this sweet, skinny, docile dog with the name Nyla won me over. She was two years old and her previous owners were moving and felt they couldn’t take her along. She was terribly skinny with her ribs showing and so very timid. I kneeled down at her cage and slowly she walked over and pressed her head against the metal rods so I could pet her. I knew then–this was my dog. The search was over.
Ever since then–Nyla and I have been inseparable. In Cleveland, everyone knew Nyla. She would go to my favorite coffee shop with me, hang out as I worked at the Wine Bar sometimes in the evening, trail along as I went grocery shopping at the open air market each week, and sit patiently in my car as I ran into the store for something. If someone invited me over their house, they knew Nyla was coming too…and lots of my non-dog-owner friends had a box of treats especially for her.
Nyla is truly one of my absolute dearest and best friends. I can not imagine life with out her and our nightly snuggle time on the couch!
Today is Nyla’s official birthday. She turns ten years old today…or in doggie years 70!!!!
Please join the celebration by giving your own dog or kitty a special treat, hug, or extra walk today! Our pets bring us so much unconditional, blissful, BIG LOVE–let’s fill our hearts with gratitude and appreciation!
Happy Birthday Nyla!! I love you!
Peace & Love.
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