Something Snapped

Something snapped is the best way to describe it.
Maybe it’s like in Yoga. Sometimes the teacher will ask us to tense up every muscle in our body, even take a deep, deep breath and hold it. We lie there on our backs as a body of trapped energy. Trapped and tense. Then seconds later we release…and the relaxation feels sweeter.
Something snapped in me. Now I’m melting back into the beauty that I recognize as me, instead of the darkness I was holding onto and hiding in.
Just this week my dear sister, Sweetmango, made me promise her that I would do the 21 Day Cleanse HERE. On the first day you are guided into a meditation where you have a conversation with your inner wise self. You ask your wise self what it is you need to focus on right now….and truth be told, I was surprised. Part of me wanted to start an argument even and debate this part of myself.
But I think this is where the snap occurred. I think this is when the body of trapped tension released and settled into the present moment.
I feel focused again. I feel excited.
Passionate. Driven even.
I feel purpose.
I’m glad to be back!
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