Art & Dreams

I wanna tell you a little something. Art has been with me all my life. Ever since I can remember, I have called myself an Artist. I have loved the feel of paint on my hands–had countless moments where I lose myself in clay, fabric, glue, oil pastels, and crayons. My dreams, ever since I was a little kiddo, have always involved Art. My definition of what Art is–of how I am as an Artist has transformed throughout the years as well. It has grown with me, even in moments when I run from it–from who I am. Me, my Creative Juicy Life, and my BIG dreams always merge into one expression. An expression I define as purely my Art. An Art that dances hand in hand with my dreams.
I know I’m not alone. I know there are many among us, you included, who’s dreams and art are tangled together into one precious package. There are those that hold the package uncertain what to do with it. Those that are just beginning to unwrap. And many beautiful souls that have taken the package, opened it, and placed it in the center of their heart and using it to direct their choices and life’s decisions.
Carmen Torbus is one of the latter for sure. She lives to inspire others through her Art and her teaching. She creates beautiful paintings that inspire me–that make me long to french kiss color and embrace being fully messy and free. She is hosting a workshop in May called Art & Dreams Bound in a fabulous place in Florida called the Purple Cottage that I’m thinking might just be the perfect Spring vacation!
What do you think? Time to start packing!?!
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