I wanna tell you about some very cool things happening!!!

The fabulous mixed media Artist–Julie Prichard and her friend, another fabulous Artist named Chris Cozen have an online course together that looks like soooooooo much fun!!! It is called Color: Beyond the Basics. I totally plan on taking it soon, and have my fingers, toes, and legs crossed that I can win free registration!! Unfortunately—there is only one more hours until midnight tonight (Monday) that the contest ends..but maybe you’ll have enough time to shoot on over and leave a comment as well!

Look at this adorable book that my friend Lisa over at Life Unity made and is giving away as part of the One World One Heart Giveaway that is happening around bloggy world!! So much goodies to get your hands on…and so many new bloggers to meet!! I am proud to say that I own my own Lisa Wilson Art–and you will certainly fall in LOVE with her Art work as well!! Check it out HERE!! Plus stick around while you are there, Lisa writes a fabulous blog!

Honestly, it kills me–absolutely KILLS ME that I can not go to this retreat because school is still in session. But, in my dreams I’ll be there! Miss Awesome herself: Silky Hart is hosting a Yoga and Expressive Arts Retreat in MY BELOVED COSTA RICA!!!!!!! Ahhhh…I don’t know what else to say other then it is going to be FAB. U. LOUS!!! Take me with you Silky!!! But, if you’re thinking it’s time to get away…this is a perfect way to go!! Go HERE for more info!

My dear friend Heather Plett who writes the blog Fumbling For Words recently got a new domain and a whole new feel to her work that it’s so worth your time checking out. I met Heather this past September when she attended the Creative Dig Workshop!! Ever since, strangely, we seem to live parallel lives and Heather, she has the most eloquent and wise way of looking at the Universe. Go HERE and see what I mean!

Just this weekend I joined a very cool–very welcoming–and very Creative Juicy network on Ning called Art Journaling. Right away I’ve made new friends, been invited to host a free workshop–that I have up and running already, and have chatted with the delightful Leslie who writes the blog Comfortable Shoes and is the mastermind behind this community. I absolutely LOVE her whole mission behind this network—to promote the power of Art Journaling while helping support other Artists in pursuing their dreams as working Artists. Honestly, I’m not a huge Ning fan–but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the energy that is alive HERE!!! AND I am learning so much from the talented Artists that hang out there!!

Last, I wanted to let you know that this is the last week for Early LOVE Bird Special on my first online workshop Art Journal LOVE Letters!! Only $20!!! It officially starts Valentine’s Day—so treat yourself to a little Art Journal LOVE Letters by going HERE! It’s getting a little crowded—but there can never be too much Art Journal LOVE!!!!
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