Day 25: Committed No Matter What!

Today is Day 25 that I have been sugar free. I’m going to be honest, this week has not been easy. I’m not sure exactly what it is…but starting this past Monday, I’ve been craving chocolate something vicious!! I mean really vicious….then, today, at work the PTA decided to create this incredible Valentine’s spread in the teacher’s workroom. It looked like something straight out of a fancy bakery in LA!! (I wanted to take photos–but that would have been pure torture!) Tiers and tiers of sugary goodness…I mean badness…cupcakes, candies, cookies, little cutesy this and little cutesy that. I walked in and my eyes went on overload…and then my mind started to chatter—“Oh Connie, just one. One won’t hurt. Just one delicious, scrumptious brownie with delicious chocolate icing. What will one hurt? C’mon, you deserve it. You can have it. Just one.”
But, I walked in and walked out and stayed clear of the workroom the entire day.
Though it didn’t help my cravings that’s for sure.
So after work, on my drive home, I stopped and picked myself up a Lara Bar. Key lime, to be exact. Sure, it’s not a delicious, out-of-this world, moist brownie. But it’s sweet. A natural sweet. A sweet that actually quenched my craving, and kept me honest to my journey this year into COMMITMENT, TRUST, & TRUTH.
Since I’ve started to try to kick my sugar addiction, I’ve had a huge response of LOVELIES, telling me they want to do the same thing. They even ask me for advice.
I’m only at Day 25, my friends. I have a long road ahead of me. My goal is to make 365 days. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?!?! But I’m going to stay COMMITTED, and TRUST that this journey will bring me not only great health, but deliver me other hidden surprises of happiness as well. And–ANNND it will help define a new TRUTH of my Creative Juicy Life. I’m already feeling universes better this early in the journey!! I can only imagine what I will feel like a year from now.
So, let me just say, this is what I know so far….
  • I quit cold turkey. None of that “I’ll wait until _______.” Or, “I’ll start on _______ after I ________.” Nope, the moment I realized that I had a sugar addiction, I threw out the chocolate covered almonds and declared to Hansel and a few of my friends that I was done with sugar starting NOW.
  • Along with quitting sugar, I’ve also eliminated caffeine, which is not that big of a deal for me (except for the chocolate), because I rarely drink coffee–and I never drink soda. I dropped the black and the green tea (yes, I know it is full of antioxidants–but so are many other great things that don’t have caffeine), and I have switched to ginger tea, peppermint tea, and sometimes Kava Stress Relief by Yogi teas. I’m so surprised how much I actually dig these teas. I never really used to–and with a few drops of honey added–totally takes the place of the sweetness of the chai tea latte I used to drink in the morning.
  • At night, when I crave something sweet I either eat an apple or have a smoothie made with berries and yogurt! Yum!!
  • When I’m at work and totally jones’n for something sweet I either have a cup of tea or a Lara Bar that I keep a stack of in my desk. It works!
  • This venture is not always easy…but it keeps getting easier by the day!
If you are thinking of also kicking the sugar addiction here are a couple great resources for you to check out.
A Year Without Sugar (A great post by Nicole MacDonald on Crazy Sexy Life)
My Years Without Sugar (Nicole MacDonald’s informative blog!)
This great video that was just posted on Wednesday…

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