I Wish To Give Myself Permission

A few weeks ago, Miss Marvelous Jamie Ridler asked us where we wish to travel…and I stated loud and clear to the Universe that I wish to travel to San Francisco to attend Chris Zydel’s Painting From the Wild Heart retreat. Since then–I have booked my flight, paid for the retreat, and just finalized my room for the weekend—but I can’t get over this lump of guilt sitting in my stomach–and I’m having trouble muzzling the voice in my head that is yelling at me for splurging so wildly on ME.
Ask Hansel–I’m frugal.
I buy things when necessary only…and sure, I splurge–I’ll buy a book here and there–or once every few months get a pedicure.
But hundreds of dollars and a trip to a fabulous place–and a weekend dedicated completely to letting my wild heart go crazy with paint?
That’s unheard of! Blasphemy even!
But I did it!! And I plan to do it again and again and again!!
Though, I wish I could let go of this silly little guilt monster that insists the money would do me more good sitting alone in my bank account. So for this weeks Wishcasting, I, Connie, wish to give myself permission to splurge BIG TIME on MY creativity–MY art–MY wild heart–MY beautiful, Creative Juicy soul, not just this time–but million times after!
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