Remembering Balance

I’m bringing Art Journal LOVE Mondays back. Except today, I don’t have much to show you. Instead, I’m remembering balance…and reminding you as well.
I’ve been feeling it again–that Creative Juicy feeling where I’m lost in the bliss and madness of creating nonstop. Kind of feels like last summer, if any of you remember. I wake up excited, passionate, and spend hours working, working, working on my creative endeavors. That, funny as it sounds, is why I don’t have something to show for Art Journal LOVE Monday! In all my creative fury, a little voice inside my head this weekend told me to back off a bit. Slow down a little. Take a break. TAKE A BREAK!! Do Yoga! Make a nice meal. Watch a little (and only a little) television. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Browse a cookbook. Get away from the computer! Step outside the studio! Do something else!!!
I think we forget, well, at least I do. We forget that life is not one sided, and being one sided in your life is dangerous, toxic, and unhealthy—even if at the time it feels good, blissful, Creative Juicy, right.
We all need pockets of rest. Moments to collect our bearings and center ourselves in this Universe. So that’s what I’m trying to do. Step back a little here-and-there to fully soak in and enjoy the beautiful gift of my Creative Juicy energy flowing, instead of burning it like timber. So, if that means I take a little longer to get somewhere, so be it. Being Creative Juicy is worth it! So very, very worth it.
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