Scarlet Red

Last night Hansel and I were at the store when this women with the most vibrant, juicy, scarlet red hair walked past us. Hansel turned to me and said exactly what I was thinking “You should dye your hair that color again!.”
It’s funny…because I’ve been thinking about it alot.
I used to have scarlet red hair and I LOVED it! But something happened– somewhere on my journey– because “of work” or because I was a “professional” or because I need to be “responsible” or because I’m “getting older” I toned down the red for something more natural.
Natural smatural is what I say.
I want to let go of feeling safe.
I want to redefine what being professional means to me.
I want to forget what is expected of me
and remember what it feels like to be brave.
I want to have scarlet red hair once again.
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