An Art Journal LOVE Secret

Here’s my secret….toilet paper and puffy paint!
Yesterday I shared with you my Art Journal LOVE from the weekend….and in this journal entry I have some cool raised texture happening-you can see it in the detail below.
Before I started slapping paint around, I drew that funky design with some silver, glittery puffy-like Liquigems paint by Liquitex. To be honest with you, I drew that design months ago and just was so unhappy with how it was going that I let it sit in my journal for all this time. Then, this weekend, hazy from a nasty head cold–I thought why not just paint over it!! And I’m glad I did!! I really LOVE the effect.
But what’s up with the toilet paper? Since I had a nasty head cold, and ran out of tissues, I was walking around the apartment with my own personal toilet paper roll!! When I paint, I like to pull off wet paint in some areas and this time I used the toilet paper for a Dirty Footprints Studio first! What I found is that if you use the embossed side of the TP, you will get a really cool pattern in your paint from the TP! Cool stuff.
Who would of thunk?!?!
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