An Inspiring Story of LOVE

One of the things that I absolutely look forward to every Friday is listening to Story Corps on NPR as I drive into work. Story Corps has been going on for years now, and basically this program travels the United States recording ordinary people’s conversations. It’s like a two to three minute glance into a stranger’s heart…and many times I find myself pulling into work inspired and needing to fix my make-up!

Last week, I listened to this interview between a father and his son….it’s only a little over two minutes long….you have to listen. YOU HAVE TO!!

Then yesterday, Story Corps did it to me again…the story above has a little surprise and carries into this second part…you have to listen….YOU HAVE TO!!!

After listening to these stories again, all I can think is that there is so much good in this world. Our hearts are made to LOVE. Simple as that. Because when we chose to LOVE….such amazing things manifest from just that simple action of letting go and receiving simultaneously.

My friends, there is great, great LOVE here for you. Always.
(All photos were gratefully borrowed from the Story Corps website HERE.)
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