I had a great conversation with a friend of mine on the phone Friday night. We talked about passion, and simply put….LOVE.

I LOVE Art. Simply, truly, and I can say this…forever….LOVE Art.

I LOVE making it, reading about it, looking at it, living with it, talking about it, and thinking about it. I LOVE Art.

And…I especially LOVE sharing it…and meeting and experiencing the beauty of other Artists.

These amazing paintings have been created by the Artist Dani Dodge. I found her through Twitter HERE…and she has a gorgeous website of her work HERE.

This is a little excerpt from her Artist statement HERE:

Her work explores the beautiful in the tragic, the remarkable in the mundane, the feeling within the form.
She seeks to see beyond objects and objectivity. To find the elusive truth of the human soul by painting outside the lines.

Ms. Dani Dodge…I absolutely adore your paintings…you certainly have my Art LOVE!

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