I want to share a few things that I think are totally COOLIO with the bloggy world this week!
First….where are my gosh-darn manners? On Monday I was the first of many to come Kind Kindred’s over at the AMAZING-WONDERFUL-OH-SO-FREAKING-FABULOUS blog Kind Over Matter…and I didn’t give ol’ props to the Lovelies that invited me. I am so sorry. So very sorry…let’s just say my mind has been a bit in the sky lately!! But….please go over and check out my post on kindness HERE and then stay for awhile soaking in all the precious LOVE!!!
Thank you for this sweet honor Jenn & Amanda–big hugs and smoothies to you two!!!
Next…today I received one of the sweetest emails from my dear friend Darrah over at the blog Artcetera…she sent me this photo she shot last May when she actually started her blog–and this beautiful journey she is currently on. We’ve agreed to be a part of each other’s “Dangerous Women Tribe” and support each other true and true!! We all need those special Lovelies that get us–that support us–that LOVE us no matter how silly, crazy, whacked out you might feel about yourself. The beauty about this….is that I met Darrah by reaching out to her–a blogger I related to….I’ve met many of my dearest friends I have now…by reaching out to a stranger over the internet. I share this little tidbit of COOLIOness to encourage you to lasso your own Dangerous Women Tribe!! It doesn’t have to be formal or even have a silly name. It could be just knowing you connect with someone–and they’re there for you as well.
Thank you Darrah for sharing your fabulouso-ness with me. Big hugs Mama!!!

Speaking of finding your tribe…how about recruiting your cheerleaders!! I already adore Miss Carmen Torbus–the mixed media Artist over HERE…but after seeing this video she made for the Spring co-host contest…I think I truly am in LOVE! Not only is her sincerity for wanting to inspire others to be the best they can be quite charming…it is so interesting to find how complex and layered she is as an individual…her life has gone from cheerleader, to soldier, to wifey-poo, to mama, to Artist, to author–and soon she’ll be hosting her very cool in-person workshop HERE. You go girl–ra! ra! ra!!

Talking workshops…these two Creative Juicy Lovelies: Amanda from the blog Persistent Green and Natasha from Creative Nachos are teaming up to supply you with a Creative Playground to let your inner wild child get their Creative Juicy-ness on!!! This workshop sounds like lots of fun..and we could all use a little more fun and play in our lives!! Check it out HERE!!

Last…only a few more days left to get the Early LOVE Bird discount on Art Journal LOVE Letters!!! You can never take too many workshops–seriously–there is so much Creative Juicy Artsy Fartsy LOVE out there on the internet–nobody should be sitting around whining!!! So, be sure to get in with the LOVE by going HERE!
If you have some total COOLIOness you’d like to share–leave it in the comments!!! I’d LOVE to hear!
Big hugs!

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