It’s time to spread the LOVE and share some of the things that I think are totally Coolio happening out there in Bloggyland!!

My beautiful friend, soul sister, and Artist–Elena Rego just launched a new blog that I am already in total LOVE with: Food Practice. The photo from above was gratefully borrowed from there…so you can see the energy that is fully present in her blog. Elena writes:
For me, food is about life, culture, sensuality, healing, connection, artistry, alchemy, and soul. And along with all those things, by virtue of the fact that I’m an artist who creates as a form of self exploration and prayer, food for me is also such a practice. Practice meaning that its something I try to engage in consciously, fully engaging in all aspects of its preparation. And well… practice also meaning that I have yet to master the act of approaching food in a mindful healthful manner. And so? I practice.
I adore Elena and everything she touches. You can enjoy more of her magic by visiting her blog Lunar Musings and her gorgeous Etsy Shop Lunar Adornments.

I have been in LOVE with Miss Lisa Field-Elliot since the first time I stumbled on her gorgeous blog Doorways Traveler. She writes with such honesty and clarity about her life and the world that she travels through bringing LOVE and beauty to those she connects with. Lisa has a big dream…a dream to go to Uganda and document strong women and to help. She is trying to raise $2000 to make this dream a reality, and I want to encourage you to please help. I know in my own life there has been many open hands and hearts that have helped me on my own path of dreams….that is why I am happy to help myself…plus, she is having an amazing give-away of photographs by some fabulous Artists to those that do donate. Every cent helps…and think of the lives you will be touching. Please go HERE and help.

Last week the dynamo, totally Creative Juicy Jenny Doh launched her life-altering-great site: CRESCENDOh where she spreads the power of Art by sharing glorious “Art Saves” stories and by helping out notable charities. Wow!! I love what she is doing….and…if that wasn’t enough–each week CRESCENDOh will host a series of online curators that will shower you with great links and interesting stories of how Art has impacted their own life. (Watch out for May when I too will be a guest curator!!) But this is a beautiful site that you have to check out daily! And, this week—Miss Wonderful herself–Carmen Torbus is one of the curators!! Good stuff!


Check out this great video by Donna Downey!! She adds an iron-on to her Art Journal!! Yeah–an iron-on…just like you would to a t-shirt!!! Genius. Pure genius!!
Speaking of Art Journal LOVE….lookie lookie at the three beautiful Art Journal pages created by three Lovelies that are taking the Art Journal LOVE Letters workshop!!!
Pages 1 & 2
This page was created by Sandy of the blog Indigo Goddess Arts.


This page was created by Lis of the blog Dandelion Seeds and Dreams.
glitterized mermaid
This page was created by Indigo Wax!
It has been huge fun to host this online workshop!! I’ve learned so much from just the process of creating an online workshop—and especially, I’ve learned so much from the very talented and Creative Juicy Lovelies that have shared this experience with me. It you would like to share in the Art Journal LOVE as well, sign up HERE to get on the emailing list and you will be the first to know when the LOVE returns….which is super soon!!
Do you have anything Coolio you would like to share? Leave a comment…I’d love to celebrate with you!!
Big hugs!
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