Created With LOVE

Do you know Melita of the blog Gussying Up the Tuttle?
She is one very cool, Creative Juicy chica!! Not only does she write a very Zenful blog–she also is a wise Yogini, massage therapist, and all around creative!
Just recently she finished her schooling and is well on her way to building her business of wellness and helping others. To celebrate this new chapter of her Creative Juicy Life, Melita hired me to create a Little LOVELY of herself!!
This was super fun….and act full of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I am very happy to share this with you…
Thank you Melita for this wonderful honor. Big, big hugs!!
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If you are interested in having your own Little LOVELY or one for a dear loved one—let’s talk!! Contact me HERE and let’s get the LOVE rolling!!
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