Following Truth and LOVE

First, I have to say how blessed I am for a group of Lovely women that I am a part of…we call ourselves the Nurture Huddle…and my life is simply a masterpiece because of these fabulous, independent, strong, and courageous women that I can call my tribe. Tonight, as I laid on a park bench under the moon, struggling to explain all this transformation and new information about myself….they listened…no, it’s more like they heard me–through all the chitter and chatter and especially–they could hear me–the real me, beneath my words–including those that were simply attached to fear.

I am so grateful for your LOVE my friends…so appreciative for you pushing me to live from my truth.

Because of their LOVE and support, tonight I made a HUGE step towards listening to my heart..and following my dream.

A HUGE, HUGE step.

And now there really is no going back. My Creative Juicy Life will no longer be the same.

When I hung up the phone and made my way back to my studio…I pulled out my oil pastels and let the Queen–the Goddess take over again…and above is the product of another dance together.

Then, when I finished with that…I poured myself a cup of Yogi tea…and the tag attached to the bag read as so:

The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.

And I realized truly how blessed I am…for I am surrounded, swimming, soaking in nothing but glorious, radiant, powerful LOVE. It seems to follow me where ever I go…

Or is it the other way around?

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