Ever since my birthday on December 28th, I have stayed committed to my Creative Juicy Life project. Every day I take at least one photo–with my camera or my Photo Booth on my Mac. And…by no way do I consider myself a photographer, or even pretend to be. My photos are amateur, and I have more fun playing with the edit button then anything…it feels like painting to me. But, now that I’ve hit day 71 of my project, I’m starting to see patterns and themes that creep up unexpectedly.

Lately, I’ve been interested in light. Not consciously…it’s just emerged.
Maybe it’s natural, as we enter Spring and the days finally start to grow longer.
Maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s nothing at all.
But I started to write this long post…about light, and Yoga, and metaphors so deep that I started to have trouble with words and making sense of my own thoughts.
Then it occurred to me…I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m no expert. I know very little. I’m just a girl in her thirties, that goes through phases with painting, that longs to do Yoga more then she does, who thinks about a lot of stuff, who drinks smoothies in the morning and ginger tea for lunch, that LOVEs her boyfriend, dog, and kittie too and teaches art instead of doing something else. It just comes down to that I’ve been thinking a lot about light–but in the none light bulb kind of way. I can even say that I’ve been longing to bring more of it in my own life more intimately. But ask me what that means, and I will decline an answer. I just know I’m on this journey, and I’m figuring things out along the way.
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