Pregnant…with the Creative Juicy Life

Saturday night (as part of the Wild Heart Painting Retreat), before I finally let myself fall asleep–I picked up my oil pastels and drew this image. After laying in bed tossing and turning for awhile, this voice in my head (I’ll tell you more about her later) demanded I get back up and write the word “Awake” on it.
I am no longer in charge. Let me just say that.
Well, I’ve realized now that I never have been–but I’m embracing it fully with all my soul–instead of fighting it…ignoring it…pretending not to hear.
After writing “Awake” I also let the voice in my head take hold of my pen and journal and I began to write. I shared this with the other amazing, Creative Juicy ladies at the retreat Sunday morning….and I would like to share it with you as well.

The Goddess. The Muse.
Her Highness. The Queen.
She led me here.

She made all of this possible.

She made the timing perfect.
She fit all of the pieces together to insure this experience would manifest.

She brought me here not to remind me-
but rather to awaken me.

She is finished tapping lightly on my shoulder-
She’s done with all the “excuse me”, “pardon me”, “please”.

She’s tired of waiting-
so She worked her magical powers
so I could arrive.

Finally I would grab hold of the gift She has granted me.

And then She pushed me-
just so I would learn to let go.
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