She Is With Me Always

I got home a little late last evening. After talking with Hansel for awhile, and showing him the paintings from my Painting from the Wild Heart retreat this weekend, I went to bed.

I woke up early this morning, on purpose. Not so I could do Yoga–or insure to be on time for work–but so I could sit in my studio–and draw.. Above is what I did.

In just this simple, complex, beautiful, healing weekend, I have changed. My life has changed. Dirty Footprints Studio has changed. My heart has completely changed.

So I need to sit with all this for awhile, before I begin to share with you. I need to process and understand what all this means…or at least begin to learn to navigate this new territory in my life.

I’m not ready to talk about it Lovelies. I’m not ready to leave this space yet–that has formed in my heart and completely around my being–like a cocoon of pure, radiating light. And–if my heart has anything to do with it, and now which I know completely that it has everything to do with it—I will never leave it…but allow this space to expand and grow and encompass all the parts of my life I still have waiting to discover.

So please excuse me if I’m quiet for awhile. Please excuse me if I don’t make sense, or if things are so beautifully exploding with color…because there has been some changes here. Some big, big, big changes.

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