This beautiful foundation was created by one of my Lovelies in Art Journal LOVE Letters: Elizabeth Needham… is what Elizabeth commented yesterday about her experience with Art Journal LOVE Letters so far…

“Thanks, connie! You truly have a special gift for encouraging and supporting–I have procrastinated SO MANY TIMES about starting a journal and when I did try to start one, it felt forced, or I made it ‘forced’ and stopped before I began. You have organized your course so well. There is concrete inspiration through your videos and comments but also constant inspiration through your honest willingness to teach, coax, and share. I am really having fun and it is a pleasure getting to know you and the rest of the gang! Thanks again!”

I’m telling you…Art Journal LOVE Letters is more then an online workshop…this is an online LOVE affair. You will fall deeply, madly in LOVE with Art Journaling through learning new techniques, being inspired to dig deeper, and constant support and encouragement from myself and the many other Lovelies there as well!! Every day is full of Creative Juicyness!!
I look forward to seeing YOU there!!!
Go HERE for more information and to register at the super low price of $32.40.
Big hugs!

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