And so Miss Jamie Ridler asks…What do you wish to dare?

I dare myself to be BIG.
To dream BIG.
To inhale BIG, deep breathes.
To walk BIG, talk BIG, hug BIG, and drink BIG smoothies.
To make BIG, bold brushstrokes.
To be BIG in my intentions.
To be BIG as a mountain when I discuss my BIG happiness and BIG gratitude.
To be BIG as a swan when gracefully moving through this BIG world.
To make BIG plans.
To make BIG bucks.
To take BIG naps, BIG breaks, and BIG days of doing nothing.
To do nothing BIG.
To do everything BIG.
To be BIG.
To paint BIG.
To embrace every inch of myself that is lusciously BIG.
To live BIG.
To LOVE BIG over and over again.
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