Enquiring Minds Want to Know…

I need your help with something….I know this is a little strange request….but, I gotta question for you…and would appreciate you leaving an answer in the comment space…
When you are visiting Dirty Footprints Studio, does a little box ever pop up and ask you if you want to abort a script that is slowing things down? I think it has to do with the slideshow in the banner above. But the funky thing is that sometimes this happens…and sometimes it doesn’t. I was wondering if it is just me–my computer–or some silly gremlin playing games with me!
What is your experience?
I told the cool chica that created this blog design for me…and she’s stumped…because it doesn’t happen to her ever.
Welcome to the Twilight Zone.
Thanks for your help!! Hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday!
Big hugs!
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