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I’m still high on painting, of course!! And one night this week I made some more postcard LOVE and I painted a little painting of my new “Creative Wildwoman”–you’ll hear more about her soon!!


The kiddos at school have been taking their standardized tests all week…so that means only 20 minute classes–and the kids are going totally bonkers from hours of testing. So, for fun–in first grade we made “Mini Me” puppets to really express ourselves!!!


In 8th grade I rolled out a huge sheet of paper, some paint, and handed each kiddo a paintbrush and let them have at it!! I guess it kind of speaks for itself……..Ohhh middle schoolers!

There’s a beautiful new website that was just launched yesterday by the Creative Juicy Lisa of the blog Life Unity…it is called STRENGTH TO BE ME…and it is a great gathering place to explore the different ways to strengthen your spirit, body, and creativity. I adore Miss Lisa and feel that this website is only the beginning for her–she has a lot of goodness to share and inspiration to shower us with!! Go check it out HERE and fall in LOVE…with especially yourself!

Oouuhh!! I just read this great blog post called 30 and Unemployed over on the fabulous blog Crazy Sexy Life. It’s such a great post….here is a little excerpt from it…

The day I graduated from college, I lost the title of “journalism student” and immediately began seeking another title that would gain credibility and acceptance both amongst my peers and, more importantly, with myself. Seven years later, I have a multitude of titles that were gained as I explored various paths to redefine this lost identity. I have been a writer for a fashion magazine in Austin, an Olympic tour operator in Greece and Italy, a surfboard sales rep in Orange County and, most recently, a BizDev gal for a video production company. And while each of these careers has been a part of my random adventure, they have more often caused stress and anxiety than passion and enlightenment. Just recently, I had an epiphany while practicing an inversion posture in yoga: Work does not define me. And with that realization, I put in notice with my employer and started practicing more random acts of handstands.


I tell my kiddos at school that you have officially “made it big” when other people begin copying your work. Why they ask? Well, because people usually don’t copy garbage–only the good stuff!!!! If my advice to kindergartners rings true…then I have officially “made it big”!! A young Creative Juicy Artist by the name of Ashlyn, who is the daughter of the extra sweet, supportive, and totally Creative Juicy Linnea of the blog Playing Connect-The-Dots With The Universe decided to create her own Little LOVELY!! And…I am super impressed!!! Great job Ashyln!! Maybe one day we can paint together.
Plus…if you are interested in having your own Little LOVELY, or one for a Little LOVELY you know and adore–send me a message HERE & let’s get one started!! I’ve had two new commissions for them just this week–and that I’m super excited about!!
Please share in a comment–I would LOVE to know and celebrate with you!!

Big hugs!
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