LOVE This So…

I want to share some of the thing’s I’m absolutely LOVEn this week…

It’s the last quarter of school. Can you believe it? In less then two months I’ll be back on Summer break!! So….I like to loosen things up a bit in Studio 307–well, more loose then usual I guess…and in my 5th grade class we’ve been studying Mehndi–the art of Henna painting. Here are a group of my kiddos after they painted “henna” on one another using brown washable paint!! Super fun stuff!
Also in Studio 307, I couldn’t help it. We began the week by diving into some intuitive painting. I had a great conversation with the kiddos on what they think their intuition is (you know that voice in your head that tells you not to do something–but you do it anyways–then next thing you know you’re grounded from your XBox!!). We swore to silence, played some soft music, and spent the period painting what came to us intuitively.
I joined them as well creating postcard art for a few of my Art Journal Lovelies using actual postcards that one of my fellow painters from the Wild Heart Painting Retreat gave me from her last Art show. (Hope you don’t mind Dawn!!)
Before I painted them–I sanded them lightly with sandpaper to give the paint a little tooth to grip onto.
My intuition has had a thing for stars lately. Well…it always has…more now, I guess.

I LOVE the thought that each one of my Lovelies that gets a postcard has a piece of this painting–and that all of us are connected together through it in a sense.
Yeah, call me cheesey. That’s ok.
I’m also LOVEn that my dear friend Darrah launched her new site this week HERE! You have to go check out her Etsy shop HERE as well…there is lots to swoon over, for sure. And…oh, I LOVE Darrah so, because she is a girlie that follows her heart–takes risks–and sincerely celebrates and shares in the accomplishments and dreams of others. I LOVE you Miss Darrah–I am so happy we are friends!

If you check out my Art Journal LOVE videos, you’ll be sure to see my beloved, turquoise green Art Journal that appears in each one. I LOVE this baby…and so many of you do too it seems–since I receive an email about it at least once a week. The sad story is that I was given my Art Journal about 5 years ago from a friend that claims she purchased it from Borders Book. Yeah–I know–I’ve never seen anything like it there before too!! So…that’s why Dirty Footprints Studio has teamed up with the Artist Robyn Tipton in creating a lovely replica of my beloved. You too can have one by going HERE…but, even better yet–Robyn is offering a $10 discount to registered members of the Art Journal LOVE Letters workshop!! So–talk about double your LOVE. NOW you really need to register!! Go HERE to get started!!
Because of the great network over at I have found a great, new blog called Classic Girl. It is written by a Creative Juicy named Jenine–who created the Art Journal page above….and she wrote this great post called I’m A Passionist—about an actual Art movement founded in 1720. You have to go read the manifesto that went with this movement…because babey, I’m a Passionist too!!!

Last, but definitely not least, what I LOVE about this week (and every week) is Hansel. He supports me completely. He believes in me completely. He LOVEs me completely–in all my painterly, silly, messy, crazy ways. He is my best friend, my partner, the true LOVE of my Creative Juicy Life…and I will always be grateful for being blessed with such a great gift–of the LOVE we share, the home we create, and the dreams we build. I LOVE you Sparks!

What are you LOVEn so about your Creative Juicy Life? Please share!!
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