Wish To Be Gentle

Another day of being morning hall monitor at work.
Another day the kiddos are taking their standardized tests.
For Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie Ridler asks: What do you wish to be gentle with?
I am enough.
My life as it is today is enough.
I have enough cash to put gas in my car, food on the table, clothes on my juicy butt, and art supplies in my studio.
I have enough LOVE around me to hold me and all my silliness up.
I have enough time to follow my dreams.
I have enough brains in my head to write this post you are reading now.
I have enough of everything.
Then why…why are there moments when I feel that I’m lacking?
My blog could be better, prettier.
My Art could be more powerful.
I could have more followers, more money, more time to make things happen.
I could be skinnier, healthier, a better cook and neater even.
I could be smarter–and know what they know.
I could be braver–and do what they do.
I could be wiser–and be better then they are.
Or, I can be gentle.
I wish to be gentle with this thing I call my Creative Juicy Life. I wish to cradle it, nourish it, and LOVE it like a young child–gently and soft.
I wish to look at where I am today, who I am today, and what my life looks and feels like today and hold it close to my heart–gently–cupping it in my hands, holding it against my heart, snuggling it close to me when the worries and “coulds” start to flood in.
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