Another Thank You

Wow! What a past couple of days!! Let’s admit it—what a week!! Full of extreme emotions and overwhelming gratitude. And if you watch the video above Hansel and I made for you—full of laughter as well.
I am grateful, so, so, so very grateful. This was the beginning of a new chapter of my Creative Juicy Life, and what a great foundation to set.
Thanks again to all the Lovelies who opened up their hearts and wallets, and showered Hansel and I with great LOVE!!! As promised, Hansel and I randomly pulled three Lovelies to win some Dirty Footprints Studio LOVE of their own… please congratulate Kathy Jordan, Jonathan “Blade” Manning, and Kelly Warren–I will be contacting you three soon to talk prizes!! (Plus–Hansel and I are making certain that every one that contributed feels like a winner–keep your eyes open..that’s all I’ll say!)
And, I just want to say again that both Hansel and I were blown away–totally flabbergasted—by the huge web of LOVE that fell over Dirty Footprints Studio in our time of need. We appreciate all that you did to help us—from the Lovelies that donated $2 to the ones that donated $50 and even $100–thank you, thank you!! We also are extremely appreciative to the many of you that helped tweet, facebooked, and blogged our news. The generous community that rose to the opportunity to support a dream and help a Creative Juicy soul made me very proud to call myself a blogger–very proud to be part of such a family of Creative Juicy souls—very proud of the amazing individuals that are friends and readers of Dirty Footprints Studio!!
All of you–even the souls that come here and only read–who never leave a comment–EVERYONE–your energy is felt and alive here at Dirty Footprints Studio–you matter to me. Your Creative Juicy presence is the reason why I want to give more–to be more–to serve the world more as a Creative Juicy Spirit of Light. Thank you once again….and please, please remember–there is great, great LOVE here for each of you.
Big hugs my friends!!
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