Belly LOVE

One of the most empowering moments in Dirty Footprints Studio history had to be exposing my belly HERE last week. And I don’t mean a quick flash—it was a full, in your face portrait of my mushy middle! Honestly, I didn’t expect the response that I so lovingly received. Never in a million years would I have imagined Lovelies would have viewed this act of shamelessness as actually an act of bravery.
Wowsers! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Because of you, I feel even more jazzed, more supported, more confidant about my journey into reclaiming my health and physical power back.
Furthermore–I was touched deeply by all the emails from Lovelies feeling they are in the same boat–and ready for a change.
So, let’s do it!
Seriously, let’s travel this journey together–share the Belly LOVE, and celebrate and support one another. If it’s your belly that needs loving, your juicy caboose, or simply an overall body tune-up, let’s face our mush together–embrace it, nurture it, and balance our lives and bodies to reflect how we truly feel about ourselves inside.
From here on out—I’m dedicating Mondays to Belly LOVE! Monday’s are perfect, because it’s at the beginning of the week–and perfect for reflecting on the past week and setting intentions for the current one.
As you know, I am not a fitness expert or nutritionist or anyone that anyone should be taking advice from on this stuff!! With that said, Belly LOVE is really about me sharing my journey with you–and you joining in by sharing as well–and lots of LOVE and support for one another.
So enough said……here’s my Belly LOVE for this week.

Belly LOVE Wisdom

This week I want to share two nuggets of Belly LOVE wisdom with you. One is THIS most amazingly beautiful post by Denise at the blog Boho Girl Photography. She writes about how seeing THIS banned Lane Bryant commercial made her more comfortable in her own skin and helped her embrace her Belly LOVE with wide, open arms. I am so grateful to Denise for writing this post, because it was part of the fuel for myself to embrace where I am in my Belly LOVE journey as well.
Second, I want to share the above video by one of my favorite YouTubers: Yuri Elkaim. He is so fantastic!! Almost every day Yuri posts an inspiring and very educational video about fitness and holistic, natural living through mindful eating. He is a big promoter of a vegan, raw lifestyle–but is very open to other’s decisions to not fully embrace this entirely as well. Simply put—he’s real. So watch the above video–because that will explain my intentions for this week.

Belly LOVE Intentions
This week I am going to take Yuri’s advice on the three things in regards to being more mindful about one’s diet–
1. I am getting rid of the boxed foods in our freezer. There’s not many, except for waffles and vegetarian chicken burgers (those things are full of crapola anyways), and he says get rid of canned foods…but the only canned foods we have are beans. I asked Yuri if that’s ok…and I assume that it is. So I’m keeping those babies around.
2. Keeping a food journal. I kept a food journal before in my life–and it really helped. I thought twice about eating something unhealthy, just because I didn’t want to document it in writing. But, I LOVE Yuri’s idea of actually writing how I feel before, during, and after eating the food. Wow!! That’s genius….and a goal that I plan to try this week. As difficult that it may be.
3. I’m going to create that chart for adding more fruits and veggies. I can’t wait to see how many I actually do eat a day. I pride myself on being a vegetarian and living a veggie-fruit lifestlyle–but this will be good to see how true to the cause I really am!! My question to Yuri–and to you as well, maybe you know, is if I juice a fruit or veggie–does that count as a serving? Until I learn differently, I’m going to say yes!!
What are your intentions for this week in LOVING your belly? Share them here in a comment, post them on your blog, or stick them on the frig in the kitchen!!

Belly LOVE Reflection
Why am I doing this? That’s my main question. Why am I putting my battle with the bulge out there in the public for everyone to see and judge? Am I afraid that I might start something that I don’t finish–and after I just made a big splash about it?
Well, truth is yes. I’m doing this because I need to. I need to find my center again within my body. It’s out of whack. And, I know for myself, that I’ll stick to it if I feel that there is something keeping me accountable. AAANND–this is an honest part of my journey into Truth, Trust, and Commitment–my three words I swore to live by this year of 2010. I am posting it here to document all of it–my successes and failures. My Truth.
Also, I need to start now. Even though I have a million and one things I need to get finished before school is over in three weeks–I have to start. Even if it means taking baby steps right now. It is all good. So, if you choose to join the Belly LOVE movement/community/revolution–you do what is best for you–what fits in your life–but you commit to making change–that’s all that matters!
Last, let me say–the most important thing is we can help each other. So I hope you join in the Belly LOVE in your own special way. I know there is much I can learn from you.

Belly LOVE Challenge
This week I challenge you to meet yourself exactly where you are. Take a picture of the part(s) of your body that need your LOVE. Don’t feel that you need to post them on the internet, even though I will tell you–it might set you free–or help solidify this journey for you even more. No pressure though–I respect that this Belly LOVE journey is unique, special, and different for each of us.

Belly LOVE Creativity
After you take those photos of your own body–instead of stashing them in between the mattresses, why not glue them into your Art Journal and begin to create. Here are some ideas of what you can do in your Art Journal…
  • Decorate and beautify the parts of your body that most need your LOVE.
  • Use paint or paint pens to tattoo your body with loving words.
  • Write a letter to your body expressing gratitude for the things that it is capable of doing now, the abundance it has brought into your life now, and the health that it has now.
Or maybe you don’t use your photos at all. Recently I created a Morning Drawing in oil pastels of how I felt about my body. Here it is…

As you can see, there are two bodies holding hands–each with half a face looking at one another. Though, they are encapsulated together–they are one in a sense–even though they are separate.

Share The Belly LOVE
Commit to LOVING yourself…share your journey to inspire others do the same!
Belly LOVE

Big Belly HUGS!!!

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