Ten Twinkling Stars

Here’s an old painting of mine! I’ve always had a thing for stars!

Tonight Hansel, Nyla, and I went for a walk down the street to the Blockbusters. We do this maybe once a week–or every two weeks. When we get there, Hansel will go inside and pick a movie–and I’ll hang outside with Nyla. Usually I just wait by the door like a dork as Nyla wins the hearts of everyone that walks by!
Tonight though, I noticed a tiny patch of grass that was located across from the store and next to the busy street. Instead of being the Blockbuster official greeters, this time I took Nyla to the green oasis where we both laid down. About three feet from my ear was the racing sound of cars and above glaring down on me was the glow of street lights.
But through all this static–a deep, dark, pthalo blue sky stared right back at me. I counted ten twinkling stars on that blanket of blue.
Ten twinkling stars for the cost of nothing, but taking the time to look up.
What else am I missing in this Big Beautiful World, because I’m so busy going from point A to point B?
I’m on a mission to find out, that’s all I got to say.
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