To Surrender Into

La Jolla, California
Taken by Hansel, the LOVE of my life!

I’ve been struggling with Miss Jamie Awesome‘s Wishcasting question this week: What do you wish to experience? Not because I don’t know what I want to experience…because that I do completely…instead I struggle for the words to best express what it is.
Please, let me try my best….
I LOVE the ocean. Adore her. Worship her, and believe so deeply in her healing abilities. A big part of my desire to move to Costa Rica lies in my longing to be near here always.
I’ve only been with the ocean a few handful of times in my life though–and each time I run to her and throw myself fully into her embrace. Sometimes I even crawl inside an unflattering body suit and strap myself to a surfboard.
All to feel the power of her.
I’m not good at surfing, but it’s the falling that I’ve become quite fond of. The being sucked under with the wave and spit back up onto shore. The way you have to give yourself over to her majesty…….surrender……or you will find yourself struggling a useless battle.
That is what I want to experience in my life.
I want to feel that high I get from letting go and letting the forces of the Earth take care of me. I want to feel that sense of peace and excitement that comes from complete surrender.
I want my life to ebb and flow with the purpose of my existence. I want to become fond of my falling–as I watch the shore appear–comfortably–waiting for me to arrive. I want to be present for each wave, and ready for each tide–with open arms, and a heart full of TRUST.
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