Who Do You Think YOU Are????

WATCH THIS!! Seriously….please…watch this!! You will be so happy you did!

Who do you think YOU are?

I think I am capable of making magic happen everyday.
I think I am deserving of my dreams.
I think my dreams are deserving of this one BIG life I possess.
I think I am a superstar in this BIG, BIG life.
That’s right, I think I’m a BIG deal.
I think I’m a healer, a teacher, an Artist with a capital A.
I think I’m freakin-A-funny, and a blast to be around.
I think I have something important to share.
I think I’m ready to be in control–and admit that means nothing.
I think I’m gonna rock the world when I let you know what I got in store.
I think I’m nice.
I think I’m gonna live to be 100.
I think one day I’ll finally speak Spanish fluently.
I think I’m a Yogini, and I hold that dear to my heart.
I think I got something.
I think my bad habits are charming.
I think I’m an entrepreneur…or one of those stylishly phrased “innerpreneur.”
I think I paint differently then alot of other Artists out there.
I think I’m a good writer and make delicious smoothies.
I think I’m not perfect.
But I think I’m enough.
Tell me….who do you think YOU are?
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