Wishcasting Wednesday LOVE

Miss Jamie Awesome, you never fail to amaze me with your timely Wishcasting questions….today: What do you wish for your space?
When I think of space, I think of this Creative Juicy Life that I occupy. I think of the wonderful people that surround me. The beautiful landscape I live in. I think of my dear, dear, LOVE of my Creative Juicy Life: Hansel. I think of our sweet little apartment that is cozy, colorful, and safe. I think of Dirty Footprints Studio and the kindred souls that gather here. I think of the things I occupy this space with like Yoga, painting, exercise, meditation, reading, phone calls with friends, slow cooked meals, smoothies, and long walks with my doggie.
So, when I take the time to count my blessings and realize in my heart what an abundant Creative Juicy Life that fills my space, how could I wish for anything more?
But there is one thing….one little thing that I wish for to bring into this space of my Creative Juicy Life…and that is the presence and energy of more beautiful people that believe in their dreams–that have a LOVE for life and a passion to make this world a better place. I wish to invite all the dreamers, optimists, and positive, Creative Juicy souls into my space to share in the LOVE that I have and the LOVE that I hope to manifest more of.
This Wednesday I am again blessed with being a guest curator over at Crescendoh! Please take a looksie!!
And don’t forget…all this week Art Journal LOVE Letters is on sale!!! Go HERE for more info & to register.
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