YOU Deserve It!

Post the above image on your blog or FB wall–
give some LOVE to Dirty Footprints Studio–
and spend the day making Art!!
You deserve it!!!
As most of you know…I’m in the transition of creating a brand new, shiny life for myself–and even though a big facet of this new life involves sharing the LOVE through the beauty, immediacy, and huge embrace that is the internet…I still want to find a balance–and have days that are completely disconnected from the online world.
So that’s what I’m doing!! Turning off the computer….and making Art, laying in the sun with my doggie, reading, and spending extra time on my Yoga mat.
All the goodness of the bloggy world, and tid-bits of Twitter and Facebook will be there tomorrow….but today—there’s only one of these to play with! Enjoy!
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