I have been thinking alot about being FEARLESS.

Staying committed to my exercise practice….is FEARLESS. Hiking to the top of the mountain with my girlfriends….FEARLESS. Going to Yoga class instead of sleeping in…..FEARLESS.
But honoring my body…taking a break when I know I’m doing too much… just as FEARLESS as when I push myself to do another five squats.
Accepting who I am, what I look like, what I feel like, how my body shows up right now– right here…..FEARLESS.

Belly LOVE is like painting FEARLESS. You have to show up, you have to listen closely, you have to be consistent and committed for there to be change.
I practice being FEARLESS when I paint. It is helping me LOVE me more. It is helping me to be brave in everything I do. I believe it’s even helping me get up and workout in the morning.

For this week, I want to honor four amazing women…who have moved forward into FEARLESS Belly LOVE…who inspire me to be braver….inspire me to commit to my own Belly LOVE deeper….who inspired me to paint this FEARLESS painting here.
Dear Lisa, Jenn, Christine, and Heather…I paint for you….
Please take the time to experience the FEARLESS Belly LOVE wisdom found in these incredible posts…
by Lisa at the blog Life Unity
by Jenn at the blog Oh, This Messy Life
by Christine at the blog BlissChick

by Heather at the blog Fumbling For Words
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