Celebrate Summer & Free Stuff!

Yesterday was the first day of summer and to celebrate the longest day of the year–I pulled out my paintbrushes and began some FEARLESS Painting!!

The thing about FEARLESS Painting is you simply begin. Don’t think about WHAT you are going to paint–just paint—let the colors call to you—and let the brushstrokes dictate what you do next.

Total FEARLESSness! And hey—please be sure to watch the video below–not only do you see a little of my FEARLESS Painting process—I tell you about a super cool way to win a free spot in Art Journal LOVE Letters this Thursday on the Artistic Biker’s Ustream Art Journaling Show!!
Fun, Fun, FUN Stuff!!!
PS Belly LOVE will be here a little later this evening…be sure to stop back!–BIG Hugs!
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