En Plein Air

Sometimes Hansel and I get in the car and just randomly drive.
No place in mind–just pick a direction and go!
He brings his camera, and I my pink tote bag of ART supplies.
(watercolors, oil pastels, colored pencils, and paper)
Isn’t the fancy French way of saying it en plein air?
Some call it landscape drawing or drawing from life.
I draw from what I see…but I don’t necessarily draw what I see.
These two drawings were done with oil pastel–in a fast and energetic fashion.
For me, being in the open air, and playing with color is purely intoxicating!
Throw my sweetheart Hansel into the mix snappin’ away on his camera–plus the beautiful landscape we always seem to end up at…I consider myself a very blessed chica!
So I encourage you….I challenge you…I double dog dare you….
Grab some ART supplies, get in the car, pick a direction and drive!
When you finally arrive–somewhere–anywhere–
then create!! Color! Snap pictures! Dab in watercolor! Write poetry! Sing!
Just turn off the computer and MAKE ART!
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