Fairy Tale Ending

One night, when I was in my early twenties, I was leaving a club super late at night. We’re talking around 3:30ish am–and here I am walking the streets of downtown Cleveland by myself to my car.
When out of nowhere, a man with a horse drawn carriage pulled up next to me and asked if he could give me a ride….for free…since a young woman shouldn’t be walking the streets at that hour.
I pretended that I had no idea where my car was. Or maybe, I really didn’t know.
But I rode under the stars in a horse drawn carriage like a princess.
Out of nowhere that memory came rushing back to me as I sit here in a coffee shop trying to think of what to write.
Out of nowhere our fairy tale ending can suddenly appear. Out of nowhere our dreams can manifest.
There is no reason to keep wishing for the little things…. I believe there are other horse drawn carriages that are waiting for me and will appear out of nowhere.
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