FEARLESS Painting Is Child’s Play


This is Hannah. She’s the daughter of the rockin’ Moon Mama. She also is the Art Journal LOVE Letters Ambassador of FEARLESSNESS. That’s right!! I declared her that…and so it shall be.

Here’s the deal…Moon Mama signed up for Art Journal LOVE Letters and was off to a slow start until Hannah jumped in. As you can see in the photo–Hannah dived in with complete FEARLESSNESS–she got Creative Juicy and never looked back!

I LOVE that!

I LOVE how young people–especially young children create. When I’m at school hanging with a group of third graders for instance, they get inspired by the way two watercolors bleed into each other on a piece of paper. They get completely jazzed by the feel of clay on their fingers. And wow, hand them a paintbrush—watch out world here comes the passion!

We’re born FEARLESS. Even if our early home-lives begin to condition us differently–our FEARLESSNESS as a young person will still be expressed in Art.

Watch a little kid. They aren’t worried if they’re painting something the right way–or if they got the right kind of materials–or are all tied up by the notion that it has to be perfect. No, they’re just about the opposite. They create to create. They choose their colors totally by personal preference–they make a mark on their paper because it feels natural to do so. And most of the time, when they’re done they either give their work away, throw it in the trash, tape it to the wall behind their bed half hazardly, or use it as a public service by decorating the front of the frig.

I say being FEARLESS means going back to being a kid when you create.

Choosing your colors by preference of that moment.

Laying down what ever forms, images, and lines come to you at that instance.

Not caring one bit if what you are creating actually looks like something…or is good enough.

Just painting–to feel the rush that comes with painting….that’s FEARLESS babey!

So, for your last nugget–little morsel of goodness– this week before the BIG announcement tomorrow….here’s a little diddy of a FEARLESS painting I made inspired by the passion of young children everywhere.

Be sure to stop by Dirty Footprints Studio tomorrow for the BIG announcement….and, I’ll be GIVING AWAY this painting in the video. Yep!

Good stuff.

BIG stuff.


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