Gremlins Got Nothing Over Me Now

Last night I talked to my friend Shirlene. She asked me if I was an angry crabcake…or my usual self. The thing I told her is that I have no idea where all this anger is coming from. I appreciate and had a lot to think about from all the great comments left on my last Belly LOVE post where I address this….but I really LOVED what Shirlene said.
This wise friend of mine said that because I have so many good things happening in my life right now–that of course I am going to be tempted to fall into a negative mind frame. In our conversation, I imagined these tiny little mean gremlins sneaking around tempting me with opportunities to sabotage my own happiness. Imaginary gremlins that want me to be angry…and sad…and fearful…and jealous of others….and worried that I’m not enough.
This anger–I think is healthy. It is showing me another part of myself…that I am interested in. That I’m curious about.
That I need to quit all this yakking about and actually make Art about.
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