It All Starts With Some Kind Of BIG

Theo…..he is all about being BIG!
I want to begin this post by being absolutely full and overflowing with gratitude. That is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Just overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation and awe every single day. All because I made a decision to follow what I know my heart has been saying to do for a long, long time. And to some, maybe it doesn’t seem like much–or seem like that huge of a risk, but to me–it was BIG. Deciding to go down to part time next school year, and put my focus and energy fully into Dirty Footprints Studio was not only BIG–it was HUGE–GIGANTIC–ENORMOUS. It was me MAKING a decision in how I want my Life to look and feel. It was me MAKING a decision to put my creativity and my heart’s dreams before anything else. It was me believing in myself so BIG that I finally came to the conclusion that anything is possible. That is how I have defined BIG in my Life. And maybe, (I’m hoping) down the road, I will do more BIG things….step outside of my comfort level even more dramatically….and allow my dreams to grow BIGGER–wider–more dense with possibility. But it all starts somewhere–it all starts with some kind of BIGness.
I created my upcoming online workshop BIG with this in my heart and mind. I know for me it was painting BIG that opened the flood gates of opportunity and passion in my Life. Painting Big empowered me–it spoke to me–it opened me up and made me vulnerable to myself. I can’t promise you if painting BIG will do the same for you. You are the only one that knows if there is juice there in painting BIG. You are the only one that knows if in painting BIG lies the possibility of so much more for yourself.
How do you know?
It calls to you. It scratches at you way past the surface. It doesn’t even seem like something fun you want to do…you know deep down it is something you have to do.
If this is you—if you are feeling that within you…if BIG even scares you–then you know that’s where you need to go. You know that’s where the juice awaits you.
If this is you, then I invite you to join us. I only want you to be a part of this, if you’re committed to this adventure. I only want you to join us if you are ready for something BIG–even if you have no idea what that BIG may be.
BIG only has room for two more awesome people, and I was wondering if one of them was you? If so, go HERE…..we’re waiting for you.
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